Nintegaball GT Episode 1 possible release date announced.

2007-07-24 11:29:49 by NessMasta

After checking on the progress on the first episode of Nintegaball GT, I am likely to announce the possible date for the release of Nintegaball GT Episode 1. The earliest date for the release will be August 19, 2007, or no later than August 20, 2007. So those are the possible release dates of when the much awaited series will make it's world premiere. So mark your calendar, guys and gals, because the world premiere of Nintegaball GT is just a few weeks away!

For more information on Nintegaball GT, go to


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2007-07-24 13:29:46

Nice job man, looks like your putting alot of work into this. Can't wait to see it.


2007-07-25 19:15:59

Hey man i just watched all the super mario bros z episodes so i cant wait wats in store with nintega ball gt cant wait to see it......good luck


2007-07-28 15:45:31

the only thing you must to do...

is keep the good work

i'm sure you going to do great


2007-07-29 23:16:01

Well, I'm pretty damn excited Ness. As I said in Vglan :D


2007-08-02 00:24:25

Holy crap, I hope the Nintengaball comes soon!!!


2007-08-03 13:06:04

that's good to hear because I loved the first episode preview and I can't wait for it to come out.


2007-09-01 10:31:40

I sure hope I wont be disappointed...^^
I've got high expectations! X3


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