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Hello, my name is Jason, also known as NessMasta. This is an official Newgrounds site for my studio, Galaxal Studios, which I founded several years ago. I have plans to make some great things, such as Nintegaball and many more.

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It's hard to believe my last journal entry here was backApril of last year, which felt like yesterday. Nevertheless, I am still alive, doing well, and still have a job.

It's been a crazy year and eight months as I've met new friends, moved to another apartment this last July in a good suburb town in the Twin Cities area (first time I've been back in the suburbs since 2005), and just been busy at my current job - which is also hard to believe that I've been there for a year and two months now.

When and once I moved back to Minneapolis September last year, I heard that AMC Theaters was going out of Block E, and I noticed that Hard Rock Cafe and GameStop (a buddy of mine use to work there) have all closed, I then knew that living in downtown Minneapolis wasn't the same and great as it use to have been for many years since I moved/lived in downtown Minneapolis since 2005. So I decided to make the previous apartment that I lived in (which was really an old, crappy place) a temporary one until I found a much better, more permanent place to stay and call home.

I then started to look into the suburbs where it's more quiet, but at the same time, had everything that I needed. I did the search from this past March to June, and later June was when I found the perfect place in the northern parts of the Twin Cities. I then moved to my current apartment in late July when I came back from my vacation. I've been loving the new place since then.

Speaking of vacation, my bro and I went to G-FEST for the second straight year and had a lot of fun not only just seeing the special guests, but also meeting like-minded daikaiju fans, as well as meeting Matt Frank there.

As you can tell, a couple of my newly uploaded work are some logos I designed at my work for clients, but you can see more at my dribbble page which is uploaded much more frequently than here (dribbble.com/jasonnessa); but some of it too is just for fun and during my personal time.

Now, I know some will STILL ask me about Nintegaball and when to expect seeing anything from it. At this point in time, the status for Nintegaball-related items for an online manga and such is at TBD (To Be Determined). I just need some motivation to get back into Nintegaball and just need more time on a good story for it. Once I find the motivation and a story that is good for the series, I'll let you know - and, hopefully that the wait will be worth it.

However, their might be a motivation to get back to Nintegaball - as I've already been in development in a completely new series (which is based on a story that I've had in mind since I was in 7th Grade) during some of the time when I'm free. I'm not going to name the title of the new series nor its synopsis yet, but all I can say is that I've been developing characters and the settings/locations for the new series. But, I don't plan on getting to the pre-production stage in drawing the characters and the locations next year.

I should be able to announce the name and synopsis of my new project sometime next year with an official poster for it. Although, I might do some teases for it leading up to the official announcement both here and at my Galaxal Studios site, which I plan to start building it next month. So with this new project underway, it should hopefully give me motivation to get back to Nintegaball down the road.

Anywho, that's pretty much it for now. I'll try to be on here a little more often than I have recently, especially when I'm developing a new project.

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